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Why become an EFL teacher?

TEFL can take you around the world! Working with people from different cultures is a truly enriching experience. Employability opportunities are also on the increase as you can teach online while traveling the world!

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Do I need any other qualifications?

To join the Highway to English teaching team, we prefer that you have a B-degree. On top of this, you should have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification from a reliable institution like

Why is the UK’s most experienced TEFL course provider with over 140 000 graduates. They are accredited by 5 different education and examination bodies that are internationally recognized. What does this mean for you? You’re getting a TEFL certification from a reputable company with incredible study support.

How long does it take? offers future EFL teachers two options:

Premier Online Course

Hours – 120

Time to complete – 6 months

Did you know?

If you put in 2 hours per day, you can get your certification in just under 2 months!


Level 5 Online TEFL Course

Hours – 168

Time to complete – 7 months

Did you know?

This certificate has 19 extra hours of TEFL Methodology as well as 19 hours regarding Principles of Teaching English as a Foreign Language Course.

Why apply as an EFL teacher with Highway to English?

Once you have your certification, you can apply to be an online teacher at Highway to English. We’re always looking for teachers to teach both adults and children. We offer:

  • A higher hourly rate than most schools
  • On-time payment every month
  • Professionally prepared learning material
  • Very little admin time and no marking!

Do I need to speak another language?

A common misconception about TEFL is that you need to speak the language of your students. This isn’t the case – you only use English in the classroom.

Do you already have a TEFL certificate?

Since we are teachers and in the business of learning, it’s important to always look for ways to update and refine our skills! offers a variety of short certifications such as:

  • Online Teaching Practicum: upskill yourself for the increasingly popular world of online learning
  • Business English Course: this industry-specific course will give you the key tools to prepare and deliver Business English lessons
  • Teaching Exam Preparation Classes: learn how to assess students’ current level of English is and create a course of lessons that will help them get to the level they need in preparation for IELTS exams.


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